kitesurf basic rules


Hello everyone, today I would like to talk the basic rules that I consider important for kitesurfing to practice this discipline in safety and fun, it is important to know the basic rules in kitesurfing. Below are some of the most relevant:

- Respect the rules of navigation: kitesurfing is equivalent to a sailing boat, so it must give priority to motor boats, boats without government and swimmers. In addition, it must keep right in relation to other sailing vessels and keep a safe distance from the coasts, rocks and buoys.

- Check the weather conditions: before going out into the water, check the wind, waves, currents and tide. Choose a place suitable for your level of experience and the type of kitesurfing you want to do. Avoid going out in extreme or dangerous conditions, such as thunderstorms, too strong or too weak winds, rough sea or low tide.

- Use the appropriate equipment: choose a board and kite that suits your weight, height and kite style. Always check that the equipment is in good condition and working before going out on the water. Always wear a helmet, life jacket, wetsuit and sunglasses.

- Take a course with a qualified instructor: if you are a beginner, do not improvise kitesurfers. Take a course with a qualified instructor who teaches basic techniques, safety rules and communication signals. Do not go out on the water alone, but always accompanied by a friend or an assistant.

- Respect other kitesurfers and swimmers: When in water, keep a safe distance from other kitesurfers and swimmers. Do not cross the lines of other kites and do not hinder the departure or landing of other kitesurfers. If you need help or if you want to offer help, use conventional or verbal signals. If you cause or suffer an accident, apologize or apologize and try to resolve the situation in a civilized manner.

These are just some of the basic rules in kitesurfing that you need to know to practice this discipline responsibly and fun. Remember that kitesurfing is a discipline that requires respect for nature, for yourself and for others. Have fun!

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Floriana Rossi